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The UK Government has introduced
new rules on tobacco products. Packs
must be compliant by May 2017, but you
will start to see changes before then.


New European legislation came into effect from May 2016 and makes significant changes to the way that tobacco products are sold. This legislation introduces minimum pack sizes, increases the size and changes the positioning of health warnings and bans menthol cigarettes and menthol rolling tobacco products. It also introduces new regulations for e-cigarettes.

From 20th May 2016, products that don’t comply with new European legislation can no longer be produced. There is a year's sell through period but from 20th May 2017 only products that comply with the new rules can be sold in UK retail outlets.

In addition, the UK Government has introduced plain packaging for cigarettes and rolling tobacco. From 20th May 2016 cigarettes and rolling tobacco cannot be produced in branded packs. There is again a year’s sell through period but from 21st May 2017 cigarettes and rolling tobacco can only be sold in plain packs in the UK.

To find out more about how individual types of tobacco products are affected, see the what is changing? section and for more information on timings the when is it changing? section.