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The UK Government has introduced
new rules on tobacco products. Packs
must be compliant by May 2017, but you
will start to see changes before then.


The below timeline shows you key dates of when the changes will come into place.

If you need more information about a particular product, please visit the what is changing? section.

20th May 2016

  • UK Government introduces new rules to implement European Legislation and plain packaging

20th May 2017

  • E-cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco can be sold in branded packs in the UK still as long as they adhere to new regulations (see what is changing? section for more information)

21st May 2017

  • Branded packs of cigarettes and rolling tobacco can no longer be sold from UK retail outlets
  • Cigarette packs of less than 20 and rolling tobacco of less than 30g can no longer be sold in the UK

May 2020

  • Menthol and click capsule cigarettes can no longer be sold in the UK